Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cold Sore Cures - Can We Truly Cure Cold Sores?

By Denny Bodoh

Cold sore cures - are they real or just hype? I would like to explain what all the argument is about and display the truth about cold sore cures - once and for all.

Some very respected medical experts state there are no cold sore cures. Other equally respectable professionals tell us there are excellent cold sore cures that work very well. Who is right and who is wrong?

Fact - both are right. They simply are talking about two different ideas.

Those people stating cold sore cures do not exist are talking about the herpes virus. This virus causes cold sores. They are often called oral herpes. Once the herpes simplex virus invades your body, it is with you for life.

Cold sore cures, from their point of view, must remove the herpes virus from the body to be a true cure. Since the herpes virus cannot be taken out by any known method, they will shout there are NO cold sore cures.

On the other hand, the respected experts saying there ARE cold sore cures are talking about dealing with the visible reality of the oral herpes cold sore.

Their thought is this - if you have no cold sore symptoms for the rest of your life, you are cured of the disease. Yes, even if the virus continues living within you. In addition, if you heal a current sore, you have cured that outbreak.

Give this some thought.

Diseases are actually measurable symptoms of an attack by some pathogen. You can carry the germ, but you do not have the disease if you do not display the symptoms.

The same is also true with cold sores.

Almost 89% of the world's residents carry the virus (nearly every person alive). Yet, about 35% of those infected will never have a single cold sore event in their lifetime. Their immune system seems able to prevent them.

It could be said that their bodies have BUILT-IN cold sore cures. The rest of us have to develop our own personal cure.

Cold sore cures can be defined as methods of prevention and healing cold sores. We will always carry the herpes simplex virus. There simply is no known way to change that right now. But, you can prevent the virus from activating.

Are you wanting to cure a current cold sore - or prevent future outbreaks? Either way, there are some very good cold sore cures that will help you reach your goal.

But, do not be fooled.

Cold sore remedies at the store are mainly for comfort. In spite of some big claims, do not expect the to cure cold sores or you will be disappointed. Quite likely you have already discovered this truth.

All cold sore cures are based on proper nutrition. The best way to achieve success is to start a daily vitamin regimen - and stick to it. This is a long-term commitment and very powerful method of coping with herpes virus.

In addition, you will find that lysine is a great tool in your effort to cure cold sores. Flood your cells with lysine by eating lysine-rich foods (such as fish) and taking lysine pills.

Before you buy any remedy, start building your immunity with the above recommendations first. Without a solid base, other cold sore cures will not work as well - or at all.

It is not difficult to find great cold sore cures. That is a fact. But do not be disappointed if one or the other does not work for you. Your body is unique and often quite different - with different needs.

Getting quality nutrition and raising your immune system to a higher level will help any treatment work exceedingly better. And it will help in the creation of your own list of cold sore cures.

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