Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drugs And Herbal Cold Sore Treatment

By Billy Kardashian

Cold sores on the mouth and face are on the rise, especially in the preteen and teenage group. This means that unsightly and painful lesions are seen quite frequently on the kids today. While there is cold sore treatment, there is also, the means to try and prevent this virus.

First of all, be sure to educate your child in cold sores and other transmittable diseases. While you may think it's a bit early to tell an 8 year old about this old fashioned kissing disease, it's not. In fact, this is no longer just a kissing virus, it's a chap stick, lip gloss, and makeup virus.

The hard part is to realize that even young children can contract this virus, usually from older siblings and sharing. As soon as chapped lips are a part of life, your child can be exposed if sharing is not curtailed. Teach your children about not sharing their personal items, and make sure they understand not to use other's personal items either.

If you think someone in your family has contracted the herpes virus begin Cold Sore Treatment as soon as possible. If left alone, the virus can spread in the original child as well as to other family members. There are plenty of different types of treatments and everyone responds differently.

Look to natural treatments first such as vitamin and mineral therapy, tea tree oil and then head for the prescription type. You might be surprised what works for one, but on another doesn't help at all. This virus effects everyone so independently that while one battles the sores constantly, another rarely has them at all.

Your doctor and pharmacist are going to be the most knowledgeable about Cold Sores and the herpes virus. Make sure you become knowledgeable as well, you never know when it will walk into your life.

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