Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Rid Of Agonizing Zits Quickly!

By David Paule

The fact of the matter is, cold sores are definitely not a pleasant to take a look at, painful and itchy. But various reports written on how one can eliminate cold sores rapidly are available. In reality, there are a selection of these that you can contemplate using. They differ in a way or two but all of them are proven fast and efficient:

Cold Sore Cures may be divided into two categories, internal and external treatments. In external, you can make utilize frozen ice, soothing creams and ointments. Simply apply ice to the sores so that further swelling and redness can be prevented while therapy is going on.

Applying creams like abreva can shorten the healing time of the sores and these also stop the sore outbreaks in their tracks. On the other hand, zinc ointments may help, in addition to garlic and olive oil too. These ointments can stop the virus from spreading uncontrollably.

In the meantime, other people eager to know how to get rid of cold sores quickly also can feel assured that others are also at hand. Mainly, a strong immune system is the primary fighter of the virus infection that causes these sores. Therefore, taking multivitamins is always recommended. Moreover, taking lysine supplements (ideally 700 mg) is quite effective, because it will immediately put off the replication of the virus. Oral Acyclovir five times daily will also suffice for curing the sores. And also, one high dose of Famvir can shorten the interval of viral infection.

Among those of you that are eager to get rid of cold sores rapidly, good health will always be needed for any remedies to be completely effective. The very own self-defense mechanisms of our body (the immune system) has to be strong enough to fight the virus infection. But notice that all treatments talked about above discuss healing the sores only. So even when cured with these remedies, these sores will tend to return again. It is because the virus infection is not healed by these treatments.

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