Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Natural Remedies For Eliminating Cold Sores

By Kim Jong

An estimated 80% of Americans are infected with the Herpes simplex virus type 1 which is more familiarly called cold sores or fever blisters. Cold sores are most commonly found on the mouth or lips but can exist nearly anywhere on the face. Although infected with the HSV1 Virus, it does not necessarily mean you will show the symptoms. Cold sores are spread by having contact with someone else infected by the virus. Once infected with the virus, it will never go away. However, this does not mean you will always exhibit cold sores or fever blisters. Most outbreaks occur due to a suppressed immune system that can be caused by a number or reasons include sickness.

Cold sores can be rather embarrassing and can often make a person uncomfortable to be seen. There are numerous over-the-counter medications available for cold sore treatment, however most tend to leave visible pinkness or scarring and even cause allergic reactions to some. Luckily, many people have found successful treatments and home remedies. One simple yet effective home remedy is to use a tea bag on the affected area.

Of all of the remedies available, licorice root, combined with warm water is known to be possibly the most effective cold sore treatment. Another effective remedy is milk, or more specifically high fat milk. Milk contains monocaprin which helps fight the virus helping to reduce swelling of the blister and can also reduce other visible Cold Sore Symptoms .

Of the numerous cold sore remedies available, lemon juice is considered an effective treatment. You simply apply the lemon juice (can be a spray as well) to the cold sore and this will speed up the entire process. Note, you do not want to apply the lemon juice to an open cold sore or you may be worse off than you were by having possible swelling or burning. Only use lemon juice when you first notice the cold sore developing. Garlic is also an effective treatment which can potentially help get rid of your cold sore faster. You also only want to apply garlic to the blister in the initial development stage of the sore. If applied to an open blister, you again face possible swelling and irritation.

While there are numerous treatments available, home remedies for cold sores have shown to be as effective as herpes simplex prescriptions medications however, you do not have to deal with the side-effects that come along with them.

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