Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cold Sore Cures - Can They Work For Your Cold Sores?

By Denny Bodoh

Curious about cold sore cures? Now you can know the truth. In this quick article, I would like to share with you what we have now discovered about cold sore cures.

Many experts will tell you cold sore cures are all hype.

They feel that cold sore cures must be able to remove the herpes simplex virus from the body. And there is no known way to do that.

They are right in one way. The herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores is a lifetime resident. And there is currently no cold sore cure that can eliminate the virus totally.

The herpes virus is very contagious, tough and is very good at hiding in your nerve cells. Even if you could get rid of this virus, you would likely just catch it again. Nearly 90% of the people around you carry the virus.


But there are trustworthy experts that claim the existence of cold sore cures. What about them?

Experts that claim cold sore cures are real are talking about removing and preventing the symptoms of cold sores. This is common in medical circles. You get rid of the symptoms of a disease and you have cured it.

Here is a good example. The doctor is able to remove all symptoms of a your cancer. He then declares you cured. He did not remove all the cancer cells. He can't. We all carry cancer cells in our body every day.

It is the same with cold sores. You simply heal current and prevent future symptoms from occurring.

Without a doubt, cold sore cures are truly real. Whether curing a current cold sore or preventing the symptoms of future attacks, you can bet there are good cures for you to use. I will share some of my favorites in a second.

Without any help from you, your body knows how to cure cold sores. It can do so without any special help from you. But it will take a long time. You will cut this in half by using your best cold sore cures.

The first lines of defense are your cold sore antibodies. Your immune system creates antibodies each time the virus becomes active. These soldiers can kill the virus or keep it dormant.

Cold sore cures are real and you can use them now with little cost or effort.


Before you do anything else, build a strong foundation by starting a good multi-vitamin and mineral regimen. Avoid the one or two per day rip-offs. Go to a vitamin store or on-line and get the best you can afford.

Take additional calcium and magnesium. Your body depends on calcium to keep your pH balance in the alkaline zone. When you get cold sores, quite likely the cold sore area is acid.

Lysine is an awesome cure for a cold sore. Flood your body with lysine by eating high lysine foods or supplements. It works for many to stop cold sores fast.

Apply garlic oil to the target area at the very first sign of a cold sore. You can crush a garlic clove or get garlic oil in gel-caps. Just snip open the cap and apply the oil.

If you catch it early, you can prevent cold sores with garlic. It is truly an amazing herb. Garlic is a strong anti-viral and it goes right through the skin. Be sure to give it a try.

There are more proven cold sore cures that will help you, but these are the basics you should be trying. Most people find their best cure by combining several therapies.


Not all cold sore treatment methods work for everyone the same way. You must experiment and combine until you find success. I assure you, in no time you will uncover the personal cold sore cures you are seeking. - 14018

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