Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cold Sore Treatment Tips and Tricks For Curing Cold Sores

By Denny Bodoh

Want a great cold sore treatment? How about several of the most powerful and time proved cold sore treatment tactics available today? Read this article now and you will enjoy amazing relief in just minutes.

Thousands daily need cold sore treatment. Cold sore ointments and salves fill the shelves at the stores. Cold sore victims desperately spend millions yearly on these remedies.

Most store-bought cold sore treatment products are best used for comfort. And they do a good job for that purpose.

But do not expect these cold sore remedy salves and balms to shorten the duration of your sore - or to cure it quickly.

Although there are many cold sore treatment ideas floating around, here are four that have been proven to work for nearly everyone, every time.

1. GARLIC POWER. Garlic is an old and very potent herbal remedy for many ailments. You can use it as both an external and internal cold sore treatment. Scientists have found that pathogens will flee from even the smell of garlic.

You should use fresh cloves of garlic if possible. Fresh garlic is, by far, the most powerful. For convenience in treating a cold sore, you can also use garlic oil or powder available at the health food store.

Cut or crush a fresh garlic clove and rub it right on the sore. This is an excellent cold sore treatment during any stage of the sore. Apply garlic oil to the scab to help prevent cracking.

You would enjoy much faster results if you would also eat some garlic during your cold sores. Fresh garlic or garlic powder will work well for this. The less you cook it, the better it will be.

If you don't like eating garlic because of offending others, you can use the odorless garlic products available at the vitamin store. This may not give you as good of results however.

2. LYSINE FOR COLD SORES. As an internal cold sore treatment, lysine is very powerful against cold sores. As an external (topical) cold sore remedy it is not much good. It does not absorb into the cells very well this way.

By increasing lysine in your cells, you crowd out the amino acid arginine. Arginine is the primary protein necessary to create new herpes virus. Without enough arginine, the herpes virus will not be able to replicate and create cold sores.

You can eat high lysine foods or take lysine supplements. By doing so, you will flood the affected cells with lysine and stop the cold sores fast.

Most people who use this cold sore treatment try to get about 2000 to 5000 milligrams per day during an outbreak. As a preventative measure, 500 milligrams per day is common.

3. ZINC. Noted as the healing mineral, zinc is a strong ally in your fight against cold sores. Zinc beats all types of virus activity.

Most multi-vitamins should provide the optimal 15 milligrams of zinc per day. It does not take much - it is that strong.

Zinc is plenty safe, but do not exceed 50 milligrams per day.

Use a cold sore remedy containing either zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate. These two forms of zinc absorb best. You will find zinc to be an excellent external remedy for cold sores.

4. ALOE VERA. You will find the sap from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant is like fertilizer for skin growth. You will be amazed how quickly your cold sores will heal when you apply this liquid.

Bottled gel is available but does not seem to work very well. For optimal results, use live gel from a live plant. Everyone should have an aloe vera plant - they are so easy to grow.

Break off an inch or two of leaf and use the leaf to apply the gel without having to get your fingers in it. Keep some pieces in a plastic bag for later use. It will stay effective for a couple days this way.

There are other cold sore treatment tactics but these tips will surely be of help to you right now.

Don't hesitate to try other cold sore treatment ideas. You are unique and one may work better than another. No one is the same this way. I guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for in a cold sore treatment. - 14018

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