Friday, December 26, 2008

Cold Sores Herpes - Top Facts About Your Cold Sore

By Denny Bodoh

Do you have cold sore questions? Then this article is just for you. Read it and discover many amazing facts about cold sores and what you can do about them.


Cold sores come at the most inconvenient times. Painful and ugly, cold sores really hurt your social life.

Cold Sores are the exact same sore as fever blisters and oral herpes. They appear and reappear at the site of initial infection. The lip area is the most frequent infection site.

The herpes simplex virus is the parasite virus that causes cold sores. A cold sore is actually the side effect of the herpes replication process.

When this virus first infects you, it will choose a nerve set nearest its entry point. It will reside in that nerve for life. All cold sores caused by this virus family will be in the same location every time - on the end of that nerve.


Normally latent, the herpes simplex virus hides in the root area of its nerve home. Should it get the opportunity, the virus will rush to the surface along its nerve and penetrate nerve cells there.

Herpes virus cannot reproduce on its own - like bacteria does. It is the host cells that create the new virus particles. The virus will enter your surface nerve cells and force them to build virus clones.

The cold sore area will swell up as the cells fill up with the new virus particles. Once full, the cells burst open to release tons of this fresh herpes virus.

The destruction of many cells close together causes the open cold sore. These cold are quite painful to the touch because the nerve tips are exposed.


The herpes simplex virus is a tiny, sub-microscopic particle. It enters the body through contact with your soft tissue - like lips. If you have a skin crack, it will enter there too. You are very contagious during the entire event.

Kissing is the usual way to pass on this virus. Contaminated fingers are also a common culprit. Please use every means to protect yourself and others. Use alcohol soaked tissues to cleanse the sore. Wash your hands afterwards.

You can spread the cold sore to any place on your body. You can get cold sores on your fingers, arm or cheek if the virus gets through a crack or other sore to the soft tissue. These can be more painful than common lip sores.

Do not infect your eyes. Cold sores in the eyes can happen and it often permanently affects the vision.

Nearly 90% of folks on earth carry the herpes simplex virus. The majority of these people will get a sore at least once a year - and usually a lot more.


Stress is the most common reason that the herpes virus becomes active. Under stress, your hormones change, causing an acid pH balance. The herpes simplex virus does very well when your body is in an acid state.

Your body knows how to heal cold sores and oral herpes without a bit of help from you. But it can take three to four weeks. A good, natural cold sore treatment plan can cut the duration time by 70%.

Your best bet for effective cold sore treatment is still by using natural remedies. They usually work better than prescription and over-the-counter options.

Some of the best cold sore treatment tactics include lysine, garlic oil and zinc. Although lysine and zinc work best internally (supplements), all three can be used topically as well.

Constant cleansing of the cold sore area using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is critical care too.

No doubt about it - oral herpes cold sores damage your social life as well as your lip. Yes, they are hard to cope with. But now, with the knowledge you have just gained, you are much more prepared for the next battle.

You need to try different cold sore treatment methods to discover the best one for you. Then you too can be cold sore free for the rest of your life. - 14018

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