Sunday, November 2, 2008

Remedies For Cold Sores - When You Want To Cure A Cold Sore

By Denny Bodoh

Need remedies for cold sores? Then read this short article. It will reveal some amazing and well-proven remedies for cold sores you can use instantly.

Remedies for cold sores are available from many companies. These over-the-counter treatments usually provide quick comfort for painful sores. But they seldom shorten the duration of your cold sore.

However, the remedies for cold sores in this article will not only provide comfort, but will shorten the suffering time of your cold sore. And most of these are cheap and easy to find.

Try them. You will find these home remedies for cold sores often work much better than the over-the-counter products. And the cold sore virus will not develop immunity to them.

Here are some of the best remedies for cold sores we have found. Do not be afraid to combine two or more of them. Often they work better this way.

VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS. This is basic to any wellness plan. Every person would be healthier and more energetic with a good supplement regimen. It helps your body fight viral infections.

All the nutrients will help in the prevention and healing of cold sores, but certain ones really stand out.

Calcium helps maintain the healthy alkalinity of your body. Fact is, if you do not provide it, your body will steal it from your bones.

Disease, including cold sore outbreaks, seldom occurs when the body is in the alkaline zone.

Lab tests show B vitamin deficiencies in people with an active cold sore. B12 seemed to be especially low. B vitamins are the stress vitamins so get a good daily dose.

Zinc is the healing mineral and is powerful against all pathogens, including the cold sore virus. Your daily dose of vitamins should contain about 15 milligrams of zinc. If it does not, find a better vitamin supplement.

Vitamin C is a miracle worker in protecting and healing you. Most good vitamins will provide a daily dosage of 500 to 1000 milligrams. This is critical - do not settle for less than 500.

BLACK TEA. Tea may become your best friend when defending against a cold sore attack. You will get the best results by putting it directly on the cold sore - but drinking tea helps also.

If your cold sore is in the beginning stages, apply a frozen tea bag.

Let a couple bags soak until thoroughly wet, then put in the freezer. Holding directly on the cold sore area provides instant relief and will slow or stop virus activity.

If your sore is advanced and has broken open, then apply a hot tea bag. This will provide great comfort and will dramatically speed up the healing process.

Caution - do not use the microwave to heat up a tea bag. It greatly reduces the healing benefits. Heat the water first, then immerse the bag. Or you can use the stove-top.

OIL FROM THE TEA TREE. Tea tree oil comes from the Australian Tea Tree. It smells and tastes similar to turpentine. It is readily available at local stores.

Tea tree oil is one of the most useful remedies for cold sores. It actually penetrates the skin so you can begin applying it at the first sign of a cold sore.

If the cold sore has broken open, this will help sterilize the ulcer and prevent the spread of the virus. Once the cold sore has formed a scab, keep applying the oil to keep the scab soft and prevent painful cracking.

HONEY. One of the little known and appreciated remedies for cold sores, honey can be of great help to the cold sore victim. No germ or fungus can survive in honey. Honey found in the pyramids was still safe to eat. It does not spoil.

Honey used as a wound dressing not only stops the virus activity, but also offers some amazing healing benefits. You can apply from the first tingle until the final healing with great success.

The remedies for cold sores mentioned above are very powerful. There are others I would love to reveal to you but they are too numerous to mention here.

Treating your oral herpes cold sore does not have to be difficult or expensive. You will save money and enjoy blessed relief with the simple, above mentioned home remedies for cold sores. - 14018

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