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Cold Sore Food - What To Eat And Not Eat For Cold Sores

By Denny Bodoh

Curious about cold sore foods? Nutrition is the least talked about but still a powerful ongoing cold sore treatment. Read this short article now and discover foods that can cause or prevent your cold sores.

This is not a recipe article. But you will learn of some delicious foods that prevent cold sores and oral herpes. You will also read about some foods that can CAUSE cold sores.

Best of all, in about 2 minutes, you will know how best to balance these two food groups for your oral herpes cold sore prevention program.


Cold sores are the collateral damage when the herpes simplex virus replicates.

It works like this.

The herpes virus, in parasite fashion, enters a cell and forces it to make virus copies. When full, the virus shatters the cell walls to release the virus particles. The cold sore ulcer you see is the result of many destroyed cells.


You may have heard of the two amino acids - lysine and arginine. These two protein fractions have a big effect on cold sores.

Arginine is the essential protein in herpes simplex virus creation. Cells cannot create herpes virus without it. Your cells store arginine in special receptors within the cell.

Lysine is a protein your cells will store in the same area as arginine. The more lysine available to the cells, the more it will store and the less arginine will be available. Your cells cannot use lysine to create new herpes virus.

The herpes simplex virus can quickly sense a shortage of arginine. Often the herpes virus will give up and go back into a dormant state.

Arginine and lysine are very common and most foods we eat contain both. Foods that contain more lysine will prevent cold sores. Foods that are higher in arginine will encourage cold sore activity.

You can help prevent cold sores and oral herpes with a diet that provides a two to one ratio of lysine to arginine. Many food choices will provide this high lysine ratio.

Balance your food intake for ultimate success and prevention. Keep eating the food choices you love. Then add some additional lysine foods to make up for them. It is easy.


High lysine foods that help prevent cold sores include most meat - especially fish, beef, turkey and chicken. Eggs, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are high in lysine and low in arginine.

Ricotta cheese is very rich in lysine. Soy products and brewers yeast are also good sources. Flounder is a fish that is extremely high in lysine. You will get 14,000 milligrams per 450 grams (pound) of this tasty seafood.

Good Wisconsin cheddar cheese has a 2.2 to 1 ratio. Perfect and delicious. (Wisconsin cheese is the finest and healthiest cheese you can find).


If you suffer from a lot of cold sore events, here are some high arginine foods that you may want to watch closely.

These foods will give you more arginine than lysine. Nuts of all sorts. This includes tree nuts as well as bush nuts. Grains, such as oats, wheat and rye, provide high levels of arginine.

Vegetables and beans provide a lot of arginine and can help create cold sores. These include cabbage, potatoes, squash and dried beans. Seeds, such as flax and sunflower, are arginine providers. Chocolate is high arginine.

The trouble with avoiding the high arginine foods is that you will be missing out on some of the most vitamin-packed food choices. That is not preferred or healthy. Even chocolate is very good for your health.

You really do not have to do without the nutritious foods you love. Just add a little more of the lysine foods to your daily intake. This may be enough for you to reduce or prevent cold sores.


Most people use lysine supplements instead of a drastic change in diet. They come in 500-milligram capsules, are economical and very convenient.

Normal dosage, using lysine as an oral herpes cold sore treatment, is six to eight capsules each day during a cold sore event. For prevention, try one or two capsules daily between outbreaks.

Bathing your system with high levels of lysine is one of several powerful cold sore treatment tactics now in use. If it doesn't stop your oral herpes cold sore, it will definitely slow it down and heal it fast. - 14018

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